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Graduated Naturopath N.D. from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada in January 2021, my journey in the field of natural medicine began because of my own health problems when I was still in my first career as a computer engineer. I vividly remember each of my days off used for medical appointments that never brought me an answer. I was dragged from department to department and I felt discouraged, exhausted ...

And then, luckily, I met an alternative medicine practitioner who changed my outlook. She opened the door to this new world that was totally unknown to me. Having a very traditional background in engineering, I had never thought of the body as a whole energy system, but rather as a cluster of small mechanical machines. This different holistic view of the human body changed my life; I was now spending every minute of my free time educating myself on the subject. It was then that I began to reorient my career and started my studies in naturopathy.

Five years later, after rebalancing my body and overcoming my environmental sensitivities with the help of wonderful alternative health practitioners, it's my turn to return the favor and offer my services to guide all those who wish to have a humane and sensitive support in order to improve their health. I founded NaturEmpathy because I believe there is a glaring lack of empathy on the planet right now. In an age where humans are often replaced by machines and efficiency takes precedence over humanity, I believe it is time to reflect and realize that the body is much more than just a machine. That we all need to be supported, heard and validated. That our emotions are not just negative states that we must keep quiet, but very clear messages that we must listen to.

My mission is therefore to offer you a scientific and rigorous basis supplemented with a human and empathetic accompaniment.

Looking forward to meeting you, 

Anne-Marie Simard-Tremblay



Scientific Approach

My scientific background and my thirst for learning ensures that I am continually up to date.

Human Approach

I always dedicate the first meeting to getting to know you and establishing the foundations of our therapeutic relationship. I find it essential to take this time with you in order to fill out a detailed questionnaire and discuss your needs, your expectations, your life situation, etc.


I send a report containing the points discussed and recommendations within 24 hours of each meeting.


I often use and demonstrate tapping to manage overwhelming emotions.

What is tapping?

Professional Association

I am a member of the ANPQ (Association of Professional Naturopaths of Quebec) and can therefore issue receipts for your insurance.

ANPQ Website


I am an approved provider of DUTCH hormone testing (gold standard in at-home hormone tests).

DUTCH Website

High Quality Products

I am an approved provider of premium natural products not available in stores such as Metagenics, Genestra Brands, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories and Seroyal.
My Metagenics Store
Seroyal Website


I am a member of the Parapharmacy which is a quality online supplement store where you can buy everything in one place and have it delivered to your home for free.
Parapharmacy Website


I evaluate and analyze genetic tests (like 23andMe) and I am an approved provider of Nutrigenomix tests (personalized nutrition based on your genetics).
23andMe Website
Nutrigenomix Website


I am an Infopathy practitioner. Infopathy is a tool to structure water and transfer information to it from electromagnetic signals. Drinking this water helps stimulate the healing capacities of our own body.

Infopathy Website